Q- How long has SpaceMaster been in Cornwall?
A- We have been trading in Cornwall since 2005

Q- What areas do you cover?
A- We cover the whole of Cornwall.

Q- Where is your showroom?/Where can i see the doors?
A- To maintain low costs that we can pass on to you, the customer, we do not have any showrooms. We do have a storage unit near Falmouth where we hold customers orders prior to fitting, that we can of course arrange for you to see by appointment.

Q- Who makes the doors?
A- The doors are made in the midlands at a dedicated manufacturer for SpaceMaster.

Q- What kind of quality are the doors?
A- Our doors are on a par with all the more well known brands advertised on TV. We do not, however, have the same financial overheads so we are able to supply and fit at much lower prices. All our doors are fully covered by our 10 year guarantee.

Q- What about safety? how strong are the glass doors?
A- All our glass doors are made with safety backed Pilkington
glass in excess of BS standard requirements. The glass is given the 'Punchbag test' to ensure that it can withstand the effect of a falling body without breaking free from the plastic backing.

Q- I've seen cheaper doors on the internet/high street. Are these the same doors?
A- Absolutely not! The Wood effect doors you can find on the internet are always metal trimmed doors with 4-6mm panels- all of our wood grain doors have panels that are either 18mm or 25mm(routed designs). Due to our concave wheel design our doors glide easily despite being heavier than 'DIY' doors. Remember that our prices are for a fully fitted wardrobe with an interior, matching trims and frame.

Q- How do i order?
A- Firstly, contact us and we will send you a brochure and price list. The price list is formatted in a way that allows you to work out the cost of your wardrobe. If you then decide you would like a SpaceMaster wardrobe please contact us. We will come to your home, take accurate measurements and provide you with a no-obligation Quote.

Q- How long will my order take to arrive?
A- We would hope to install your wardrobe within 6 weeks from the date of a completed order. Generally, the average wait is 3-4 weeks.

Q- How will I know when my wardrobe is coming?
A- Usually about a week before your wardrobe is coming to Cornwall we will contact you to give you a fitting date. We will give you the earliest date we have but you can of course opt for a later date if you are not quite ready/away/etc.

Q- I'm having the room decorated/carpet laid, should I do this before the wardrobe is installed?
A- Yes. This is not essential but gives a better finish. It takes longer to carpet and paint around the wardrobe after it is installed.

Q- How much of my walls inside the wardrobe are visible/Do I need to paint first?
A- For the best finish the answer is always to paint first (if your walls are in need of fresh paint). There is no 'Back' to the wardrobe so you will be able to see your walls in the wardrobe.

Q- How deep will my wardrobe be?
A- Usually we like to have a minimum depth of 25" (625mm) to leave 21" for the hangers behind the doors. However, we have made wardrobes much shallower with a a special hanging arrangement designed for smaller spaces. For the best results, and only if you have the space in your bedroom, we recommend a depth of 27" (675mm)

Q- How long will it take to fit my wardrobe?
A- We will arrive between 8.30-9.00 in the morning and will be finished the same day. We have plenty of dust sheets to cover all your carpets and bed. All we ask is that you give us as much floor space as possible.

Q- Who fits the wardrobes?
A- The person who measures and takes your order will be the one who fits it. We are a  family firm and try to give every customer our best and most attentive service. With hundreds of installations under our belts (many of these 2nd orders) we understand all the pitfalls and how to avoid them. Larger firms will send a contracted fitter to you who has never met you and hasnt seen the area where your wardrobe is being installed. We do NOT use contractors. We at SpaceMaster are less interested in the time that we finish and more interested in the quality of the finish.

Q- What if I have a problem with my finished wardrobe?
A- If you find a problem with your wardrobe after it is fitted you should tell us immediately. Only a very small percentage of wardrobes ever develop a problem- it is almost always a door that rolls open a small bit by itself- and ALL problems have a simple solution which we will attend to without delay. Remember, all our doors are covered by our 10 year guarantee so you are completely covered whatever the fault.

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